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You donít have the right image of Crete if you visit only the famous palaces of Knossos and Phaistos, or the rooms of Heraklionís superb Archaeological Museum. For Crete is not just tradition and history; it is mainly nature, light, people, and a living place, which you cannot see inside the labyrinth of myth. You cannot see Crete that way, because it is not just a sight, it is something vital.

Here, Zeus transformed himself into a white bull and took the lovely Europa, fathering the Minotaur, and giving the continent its name.

In Crete, you donít find only mountains, great and proud like its people, you also come to Europeís only palm grove at Vai and its longest gorge, the Samaria.  Crete gave us one of the greatest painters the world has ever known in Domenikos Theotokopoulos (El Greco), who in the 16th century spoke to us in the living language of art, which is common to all people. It was also the birthplace of Kornaros, Kazantzakis, Prevelakis and numerous other thinkers.

The Cretan landscape with its marvellous varied coastline along with its rich interior constitutes an enormous resource for tourism today, not just in its magnitude, but primarily for its quality.  Crete lies in the middle of the sea and has long been the Mediterraneanís most important meeting place of seas, continents, but mainly of civilizations.

It extends a warm invitation to the visitor; once you have experienced Cretan hospitality, you will swear that the great island is ppopulated with the true descendants of Xenios Zeus, for whom every stranger was a guest.

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