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The oldest traces of human existence from the Paleolithic era were discovered at the Cave of Petralona in Chalkidiki, where a fossilized head of a Neanderthal man was found.

Ever since that time, Macedonia has been at the epicentre of history, power, and wealth, not to mention art and the simple life.

This is a region of fertile plains crossed by many rivers, some of which bear gold dust. It also has more ecologically interesting lakes than any other part of Greece.

The Macedonian mountains were chosen by the gods as their dwelling place, and on their highest peak, Olympos, the ruler of the gods set his throne.

Thessaloniki, the capital of Macedonia, Greece’s second city, has a continous history dating back more than 2,300 years.

Extraordinary monuments reflecting its brilliant past, including beautiful Byzantine churches, may be seen throughout the city, in a blend aof old and modern, simple and complex, where every era has its own character and charm.

Thessaloniki was also the second most important city of Byzantium after Constantinople and major outpost of the Roman Empire.

Its Archaeological Museum contains finds unearthed in the region, witnesses to the power that had its source here and was embodied in its most famous son, Alexander the Great, who made Macedonia ruler of the known world. His beauty, talents, and burning ambition changed the course of human history. Pella, Vergina and Dion demonstrate the archaeological dimension of Macedonia to the modern visitor.

But if Olympos was the home of the gods of antiquity, another Macedonian mountain, Mt. Athos, became the cradle of Orthodox monasticism. Here men have rejected worldly things and have dedicated themselves to spiritual salvation and the closest possible identification with God for more than 11 centuries. This majestic mountain is both a sanctuary for the soul and a place of prayer.

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