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The beauty of this island is apparent even as one approaches it by ship: picturesque large and small bays, golden sands, slopes covered with olive trees punctuated with pleasant little huts, churches and monasteries, dazzling white in the sun.

The chief town named after the island, Skopelos, climbs down daintily tier-by-tier in a semi-circle till it touches the shore – a beautiful vision in white. It is a seaport town with a local colour of its own: cobbled narrow streets courtyards, filled with flowers, and gleaming rooftops in a fascinating variety of shapes. Many of the women, clinging faithfully to their island traditions, wear their local costume – a silk skirt embroidered with tiny flowers, a velvet short coat with wide flowing sleeves finely embroidered, and a gossamer – fine silk kerchief over their heads with justifiable pride. A visit to a Skopelos house is a pleasure in itself, not only for its interior decoration but also for the owner’s hospitality.

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