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The most dominant feature of this island is its massive mountains, of which the highest is Fengari (1,600 m.). The little port where the boats from Alexandroupolis and Kavala dock is called Kamariotissa.

The road leads from the harbour to Paleopoli (5 km.), where the ruins of the Sanctuary of the Great Gods can be visited. The rites celebrated here were equal in importance to the Mysteries at Eleusis. Pausanias, that intrepid 2nd century A.D. traveller, mentions that the Mysteries of the Great Gods took place annually from late July to early August.

Little is known about what actually went on at the Mysteries or about the initiation proceedings, but the requirements were not as strict as at Eleusis.

Visible today at the site are the ruins of the Temple of the Great Gods, the Rotunda of Arsinoe, the Stoa, the Temenos, the Theater and the Fountain of Nike, where the Winged Victory now in the Louvre once stood. The museum contains finds from the Sanctuary and a replica of the world-famous statue.

The capital of the island is also called Samothrace (or Samothraki). Built on a mountain, it commands a dominating position over the surrounding sea, as do so many island towns.

The whole island is thickly wooded and coverd with the vegetation typical of the Mediterranean; its wildness makes it a ideal retreat for nature lovers.

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